Exchange and Collaboration: Meeting of Scientists in Kiel

Exchange and Collaboration: Meeting of Scientists in Kiel
On May 15th and 16th, scientists involved in the Humboldt-Tipping project gathered for a workshop in Kiel.

Participants, working across various work packages and institutions, advanced the development of scenarios for different fisheries in Peru and engaged in critical discussions and intensive exchanges. On the first day, partners from Peru joined the collaboration via video conference.

The workshop addressed key questions: How do fish stocks in the Humboldt Current respond to different climate scenarios? What are the impacts on local communities? How can we quantitatively and qualitatively model these changes, and better integrate our various models? These and other inquiries guided the meeting with the goal of strengthening synergies between participating institutions and enhancing the effectiveness of collaborative research.

 Our project aims to identify and implement adaptation strategies for one of the world's most productive coastal ecosystems in response to climate change. The project contributes to food security (SDG 2) and supports the promotion of sustainable fisheries (SDG 14).


Dr. Sophia Kochalski

Postdoctoral Researcher