Humboldt Tipping participated at the World Fisheries Congress in Seattle

Humboldt Tipping participated at the World Fisheries Congress in Seattle
Giovanni Romagnoni, Humboldt Tipping member in work package 6, travelled to Seattle to participate in the World Fisheries Congress held from March 3rd to 7th, 2024

At the congress, Giovanni took the lead in orchestrating a conference session on participatory modelling and stakeholder engagement for ecosystem-based fisheries management. This session, co-organized together with fellow Humboldt Tipping colleagues and experts from the Leibnitz Center for Tropical Marine Research and the University of Cape Town aimed to explore effective strategies for integrating stakeholder needs, perceptions, and knowledge systems into the modelling process. The overarching goal was to promote an effective and sustainable management of fisheries and associated systems.

The session featured discussions on various approaches, challenges, best practices, and case study examples from across the globe. Giovanni presented a case study of stakeholder involvement in artisanal offshore fisheries in Paita, Northern Peru. He explored how stakeholder responses can be incorporated into models to project plausible effects for the fisheries under user-proposed changes in the system and evaluate how proposed adaptation strategies could perform under such changes.

The session, which boosted 13 talks from freshwater and marine systems across 11 countries and 5 continents, was very well received and the stimulating discussions will continue through follow-up online interactions.


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