New Paper! Our Blue Planet: Connecting Humans and the Ocean

New Paper! Our Blue Planet: Connecting Humans and the Ocean
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Social-ecological network analysis: a complex topic transformed into an engaging and enjoyable adventure accessible to young readers (age 8-15).

Michael Kriegl and colleagues from ZMT Bremen, CeOS Kiel, EqualSea Lab, FU Berlin, University of Osnabrück and the Stockholm Resilience Centre achieved this feat in their new article, “Our Blue Planet: Connecting Humans and the Ocean,” published in the journal “Frontiers for Young Minds”. The article introduces the wonders of ocean ecosystems, emphasizing the critical link between human actions and the health of our ocean. The text sheds light on pressing issues faced by the ocean, such as climate change, over fishing, and plastic pollution.

However, the journal isn’t just aimed towards young readers: the submitted papers are also reviewed by children, guided by science mentors. This process introduces curious minds to the world of science and makes complex scientific concepts accessible to the next generation of citizens and scientists, fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

So, grab your virtual snorkel and dive into the world of social-ecological networks!

Kriegl M, Kochalski S, Straka TM, Gorris P, Schlüter A and Kluger LC (2024) Our Blue Planet: Connecting Humans and the Ocean. Front. Young Minds. 12:1076771. doi: 10.3389/frym.2023.1076771