Four ASA Students Join Humboldt Tipping for Six Months

Four ASA Students Join Humboldt Tipping for Six Months
We are pleased to welcome Sonia, Carlos, Jeremy, and Katharina to our team.

In mid-April, four students from the ASA program joined Humboldt Tipping for six months. Sonia and Carlos joined us from Peru, while Jeremy and Katharina come from Germany. 

The ASA program, which supports students between the ages of 21 and 30, offers a unique opportunity to engage international projects like ours. These students have spent the initial phase of their time in Bremen, meticulously planning their projects. Following this preparatory phase, they will head to Peru for three months to carry out their fieldwork. 

Each student brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the project.  
Sonia is excited to participate in a development project based on international cooperation, where she can sharpen her research skills alongside experienced scientists. She already joined the fieldwork at the beginning of the year to conduct interviews following the fuzzy cognitive maps methodology. She will now be working on processing this information.

Carlos aims to use this opportunity to complement his resources as a social scientist in a coastal marine space. He wants to look at the hybrid governance of formal and informal actors and processes in the marine resource distribution system of Sechura Bay.

Jeremy is looking forward to observing the dynamics of an international team and use his insights to determine if pursuing a PhD is the path for him. He wants to plan and conduct interviews to get information on the relationship and contradictions between climate change and social change in the Peruvian context.

Katharina is excited to work at the intersection of environmental sciences and psychology and is looking forward to getting to know Peru. She will be looking into the socio-ecological networks and systems in Piura and the institutional norms & psychological factors influencing climate resilience in local communities.

 We are happy to have them as part of our team and are excited to see their contributions!