WP 5: Social-ecological network modelling of coastal benthic habitats and their users

PI: Achim Schlüter, Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research Bremen, ZMT

The main objectives of WP 5 are to identify ecological tipping points in the dynamics of coastal ecosystems and the resulting social and economic impacts, and to study the dependencies of local users on living coastal marine resources from a socio-ecological perspective. This is done within three tasks, firstly by building trophic and socio-ecological network models of Sechura and Indipendence Bay, secondly by a matrix of user connectivity and thirdly by assessing the vulnerability of fisheries and aquaculture to tipping points.



Dr. Lotta Kluger | CeOS | Associate Scientist

Michael Kriegl | ZMT | Research Assistant

Dr. Matín Salazar | IMARPE | Senior Scientist

Alonso del Solar | ZMT | PhD Candidate