WP 6: Participatory ecosystem-based management strategies for shifts among pelagic resources in the HUS 

German PI:   Matthias Wolff, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research Bremen, ZMT

Peruvian PI: Jorge Tam, IMARPE, Peru

Within the WP6 the objectives are to relate climate variability with changes in pelagic food-web structure and assess the effects of ENSO events vs multidecadal fluctuations on species that are key to economic activities (fisheries, aquaculture, and ecotourism). The objectives can be divided into three tasks; first analysis of El Niño variability in pelagic living marine resources, second construct projections of future tipping points and multi-model comparison and third the participatory identification of ecosystem-based management options.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Wolff | ZMT | Senior Scientist

Dr. Jorge Tam | IMARPE | Senior Scientist

Dr. Giovanni Romagnoni | ZMT | Postdoctoral Researcher